Black British Media Society

Mission Statement

What is the Black British Media Society?

The core objective of the Black British Media Society is to promote equality of opportunity within the British media industry.

We are made up of and were created by Black media industry workers with experience from TV, print, online and national and local media.

The Black British Media Society strive to increase the representation of Black voices in media organisations across the industry. We want to drive active change to ensure that black voices are represented at all levels within organisations whether entry level, senior decision makers or board level.

What does the Black British Media Society do?
The Black British Media Society works to first and foremost to protect, support and listen to Black people within the media industry, providing them with an open and safe space to speak. We want to work with employers who would like guidance on creating an inclusive culture within the workplace and who want to better understand and represent Black voices in Britain.

Many businesses pledge to be allies to the Black community, but this needs to start with change within the infrastructure of media organisations. By creating initiatives for the progression of Black people within you organisations; such as mentoring schemes, leadership programmes, and diversity and discrimination training, we believe steps can be made in the right direction for equality of opportunity.